Cinematography – Blade Runner 2049

Cinematography – Blade Runner 2049

Giordana Bonanno · 5 months ago · Photography

It was 2018, a year after its release, when Blade Runner 2049 was consecrated as one of the most complex film in the creative and aesthetic field with an Oscar for cinematography by director Roger Deakins.

Inspired by a novel by Philip Dick, he made his first film debut in 1982 with the adaptation of Ridley Scott, whose story was set in a distant future, now our past (2019), of a rainy, nocturnal Los Angeles.

Scott himself feared the idea of a sequel, so much so that he postponed the proposal for decades, until he entrusted the direction to the Canadian artist Denise Villenueve, back from a science fiction masterpiece entitled “Arrival”.

The intention to deviate from the first film in terms of setting, references, colours, avoided being subjected to the weight of a comparison and being remembered only as a sequel. For this reason Villenueve and Deakins worked together from the beginning with the storyboard designers, thinking about the whole construction, the setting and above all the role that rain, a recurring element of the Cyberpunk genre, which they decided to replace with snow: if in the first movie there was a “cold” atmosphere, in this one we will surely feel “icy”.

The shots, developed on horizontal planes at the limits of perfection, are accompanied by a selection of colors that allows us to distinguish one scene from another: it is a matter of matching colors, in this case orange and blue “tea”, to different scenes to emphasize the visual experience by telling two completely separate realities. The first characterizes a perfect world in contact with a “miracle”, while the blue is part of a hopeless and dehumanized world.

As for the setting, the source that inspired the pre-production of the film was Beijing’s architecture flooded with smog and artificial light, the same characteristics that bring us back to Cody Ellingham‘s photographic work. His images are perfect compositions that convey an almost surreal sharpness, emphasized by the distinctive character of cities like Shanghai, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Did you know: David Bowie was Director Denis Villeneuve‘s first choice for the role of Niander Wallace, but he died before the start of shooting.

Genre: Action
Director: Denis Villeneuve
Director of Photography: Roger Deakins
Writers: Hampton Fancher, Michael Green
Stars: Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas

Cinematography – Blade Runner 2049
Cinematography – Blade Runner 2049
Cinematography – Blade Runner 2049
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Italy 90, a call addressed to photographers under 30

Italy 90, a call addressed to photographers under 30

Giulia Guido · 5 months ago · Photography

If you are a young photography enthusiast then the initiative of Condominio, a co-sharing space dedicated to the promotion of photography, is for you. 

In fact, Condominio presented Italia 90, a real open call addressed to all young photographers under 30. The name of the project undoubtedly refers to the world championship of ’90, but it is also a reference to the age required of the participants. Every photographer of age, born after January 1st 1990, can send his own photographic project to Condominio. Afterwards, the work of all the photographers will be judged by a jury of experts including the curator Francesco Zanot, the editor of Foam Magazine Elisa Medde, the founder of Matèria Gallery Niccolò Fano, the founder of Photocaptionist Federica Chiocchetti, the curator of CAMERA – Centro Italiano per la Fotografia Giangavino Pazzola and the artist Alba Zari. 

Finally, the selected projects will form an exhibition, presented on the occasion of the opening of the new Milanese headquarters of Condominio di via Melchiorre Gioia, 41, which will be held in the autumn of 2020. Italia 90 wants to shift the attention on contemporary generations and their approach to photography, trying to give back a complete vision of this new panorama. 

To participate you have until July 7, to know more information you just have to visit the Condominio website.

Italy 90, a call addressed to photographers under 30
Italy 90, a call addressed to photographers under 30
Italy 90, a call addressed to photographers under 30
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InstHunt – The 10 best photos on Instagram this week

InstHunt – The 10 best photos on Instagram this week

Giulia Guido · 5 months ago · Photography

Every day, on our Instagram profile, we ask you to share with us your most beautiful pictures and photographs. 
For this InstHunt collection of this week, we have selected your 10 best proposals: @marzialucca, @lulu_withheld, @marina_bocchetti, @stefaniabonfiglio_, @l_e_m_i_l_l_i_o_n_, @erre62, @valerie_eloise_arbalete, @a.leszandra, @geidbick, @vrtivstic.

Tag to be selected and published on next InstHunt.

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• (My) Cruel Tales of Youth.

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I'm hoping you do the same

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InstHunt – The 10 best photos on Instagram this week
InstHunt – The 10 best photos on Instagram this week
InstHunt – The 10 best photos on Instagram this week
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Superficial, the photographic project by Daniele Sigalot

Superficial, the photographic project by Daniele Sigalot

Giulia Pacciardi · 5 months ago · Photography

Daniele Sigalot, a conceptual artist who grew up in the advertising field we have already told you about, has recently made public a photographic project he has been working on for over a year.
Superficial, this is the name he has chosen for this series of images taken between sea and sky, has the aim of surprising the viewer at first glance by creating a very captivating aesthetic, but also to underline a very common attitude.

“I am curious about the human approach to appearances, and how the colour contrast between smoke, water and sky prevails rather than the fact that there is a person underneath.”

But the choice to use a smoke bomb, to put it in one hand and to light it in the middle of the sea is, of course, far from random:

“The use of a smoke bomb, which in the sea takes on the meaning of a signal rocket, and therefore a call for help, adds even more tension. Before the Covid-19 it seemed that Italy’s only problem was illegal immigration, and the approach that politics, and part of the country, is easy to define with the title of this series of photos”.

Daniele’s critique of the way in which issues of great social, political and economic importance are dealt with today is perfectly summed up in his entire project but also in the way in which, ironically, he recounts it.

“From the point of view of the art market, I was then amused by the idea that the most likely of those who will buy these photos will do so because the colour of the smoke bomb coincides with that of the sofa.”

Superficial, the photographic project by Daniele Sigalot
Superficial, the photographic project by Daniele Sigalot
Superficial, the photographic project by Daniele Sigalot
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Cinematography – Love

Cinematography – Love

Giordana Bonanno · 5 months ago · Photography

If anything can go wrong, it will.

It’s states Murphy‘s first law, also the name of the young protagonist of Love, one of the most controversial films of recent times that Gaspar Noé, the director, described with three simple words: “semen, blood and tears”, an auteur porn.

Let’s say straight away, it’s not an easy film to watch, it had a complicated story from the beginning, ending up in the sights of the Russian Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky who, after the passage to the Moscow Film Festival and other film events, prevented its theatrical release by entering the government’s “blacklist”. It didn’t have any luck in Italy either, so much so that it wasn’t presented in the cinema, but fortunately now if you’d like to see it, it’s available in streaming or in the Netflix catalogue.

The seemingly simple story takes place in a crystallized time of half a day, in which Murphy does nothing but moves between the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom of his house, immersed in the thoughts of his head. Together with him we retrace pieces of his past stuck in anxieties of the present and questions of a future for which he does not want to take responsibility.

He is a young American boy who moved to Paris to become a director and to accompany him in these 2h and 15 minutes are Electra, his current girlfriend and Omi, the neighbor. Between the guys there is a harmony that goes beyond mere pleasure; together they will overcome every limit, translating their most intimate fantasies into reality and stripping themselves of all barriers.

They’re easy and they want to love, in their way.

As a result, the story can only be presented in the form of stylistic excess, with contrasting colour, strong play of light and 3D images that make the scenes have a strong impact.

Also this time colours play an important role, distinguishing in some scenes the personalities of the boys: apple green, harmless and light for Omi and violent and intrusive purple red for Electra.

The film’s images communicate with the same intensity as Marat Safin, a self-taught Russian photographer who placed women at the center of her projects. Women alone, women in the house, in the kitchen or lying on the bed, women immersed in nature, looking in the car or immortalized in spontaneous poses. The warm light from which they are enveloped creates an atmosphere so intimate and familiar that we become involved.

Did you know that: During the film’s press conference at the Cannes Film Festival, Gaspar Noé said the screenplay was originally seven pages long.

Genre: Drama
Director: Gaspar Noé
Director of photography: Benoît Debie
Writer: Gaspar Noé
Guest: Aomi Muyock, Karl Glusman, Klara Kristin 

Cinematography – Love
Cinematography – Love
Cinematography – Love
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