Best Bedroom Pop Artists You Need To Know About

Best Bedroom Pop Artists You Need To Know About

Claudia Maddaluno · 2 years ago · Music

There is a new generation of artists who make music in their bedrooms, reaching huge numbers in the streaming industry. They are young, creative, independent and they perfectly know how to produce their music in a bedroom and build their fanbase, using the Internet to their advantage.
Someone called them “Bedroom pop artists” because their music is a mix of pop, indie, psychedelia with a lo-fi, cheap, DIY sound.
At the end of 2017, Spotify made a playlist featuring these bedroom pop artists which in few months reached more than 100.000 followers.

Check out the best bedroom pop artists below.

boy pablo

Norwegian artist named boy pablo has dropped his latest album “Soy Pablo”(the “Roy Pablo” follow-up Ep) on October 5th. He debuted with the lo-fi video for every time in late 2017, wearing the sweetest pink sweatshirt and playing guitar in the middle of the sea.
His sound is a fusion of jazz, surf-rock and dream pop, inspired by Mac DeMarco as well as by nostalgic 80s melodies: synths, reverbs and lo-fi melodies create a romantic and irresistible atmosphere.


Cuco is one of 2018’s most promising artists. His real name is Omar Banos and he is a 19-year-old Mexican American but he has already dropped three projects in the past three years: “Wannabewithu, “Songs4u” and the latest EP “Chiquito“.
Writing in both English and Spanish, he mixed rap with lo-fi and dreamy bedroom pop. He recently shared a song feat. Clairo, a 19-year-old artist from Boston who makes music in her bedroom, racking up millions of plays on YouTube.

Phum Viphurit

Phum Viphurit is another exciting name for this new wave of indie-pop artists. The Thailand-born songwriter who was raised in New Zealand, started in late 2017 dropping his first album “Manchild” with the music video for “Long Gone” which has reached eight million views on YouTube. Phum calls his musical style “sunshine music”, a mix of fresh nu-soul and warm guitar melodies.
We still don’t know when his new album will come out but it should be released within the year. Just yesterday, Phum announced a collaboration with boy pablo . Finger crossed.

Yellow Days

We’ve talked about Yellow Days, aka George Van Den Broek here. His magic sound is a fusion of nu-soul, rap, jazz and indie, and his smooth vocal is extremely catchy. In 2017 he dropped “Harmless Melodies” and “Is Everything Okay In Your World?” but we feel that new album from Yellow Days is coming.
Meanwhile, watch his amazing video for “How Can I Love You?” below

Puma Blue

The raising talent Jacob Allen, aka Puma Blue, is a 22-year-old London boy. We really love his seductive voice. After dropping his debut EP Swum Baby last year he shared his second project called Blood Loss: 8 hypnotizing jazz tracks that will make you fall in love with him.

Cosmo Pyke

Cosmo Pyke is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter from Peckhame. He writes jazzy, nu-soul music and also works as a model and spray paint artist.
Inspired by King Krule and Steve Lacy, Cosmo has dropped his first EP Just Cosmo in 2017. Now it’s time to have new music from him.


Claire Cottrill, aka Clairo, is the Queen of the bedroom pop. She is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter from Boston best known for her viral video for “Pretty Girl” captured by a webcam in her bedroom. Her sound is simple, fascinating and angelic like her face. She dropped her first Ep diary 001, early this year.

Rex Orange County

“Loving is Easy / You had me fucked up”… have you ever heard this chorus? Well, that’s from Rex Orange County, one of the few featured artists on Tyler, the Creator’s latest album Flower Boy. His first delicious album was dropped last year and now we’re waiting for the follow-up.

Gus Dapperton

Platinum blond hair, emerald eyes. Gus Dapperton is only 20 years old NY artist and makes the 80s influenced music with a unique and mature sound.
He started dropping the debut Ep, Yellow And Such, in 2017 and the follow-up album You Think You’re a Comic. “World Class Cinema” is the latest single accompanied by a short film video you can watch below.


mxmtoon is the moniker of 18-year-old Maia, an Oakland-based singer-songwriter “playing sad songs from her bedroom and making goofy youtube videos”. She has dropped 13 tracks over the past year, including the latest “I feel like cheet”, a mix of R&B, hip-hop, and beauty.

Best Bedroom Pop Artists You Need To Know About
Best Bedroom Pop Artists You Need To Know About
Best Bedroom Pop Artists You Need To Know About
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10 videos you need in your life this week

10 videos you need in your life this week

Claudia Maddaluno · 2 years ago · Music

Be Forest – Atto I

Be Forest are back.
Let the show begin.

Ceri – Guai

Ceri is the new talent of Undamento records. After producing Frah Quintale and Coez and debuting with the single Bimba Mia, he dropped Guai: a melancholic and delicate track that makes us forget our troubles.

Rhye – Song For You

We’re hooked and we can’t stop watching.

Pereira – Ciabatte Galleggianti

Pereira in an italian bedroom pop artist. Dreamy, lo-fi, floating.

Dounia & Kehlani – Rich Girl Mood

Are you ok, men?

Dorso – Asfalto

Dorso has dropped his third single, Asfalto, via 42Records. The track is accompanied by a video which is for National Geographic lovers.

Bad Gyal – Yo Sigo Iual

La Reina de la trap catalan is back with a new track produced by Fake Guido & El Guincho. Filmed in 35 mm, the music video was shot in her hometown, showing us the places where she grew up.

Kllo – Candid

The new electronic song Candid from the duo Kllo is minimal and delicate, mixing downtempo and R&B. The track, accompanied by a lo-fi video, is about being honest with one other:
“Not compromising, not being ‘so nice’ in my reaction to an uncomfortable experience. Just being as candid as I can and deserve to be. It’s understanding the power of my words, which is something new to me and the fundamental key to my happiness”.

RY X – YaYaYa

I can stay like this for hours, watching those orange sheets blowing in the breeze while RY X’s voice holds me.

SSION – Inherit

The best video of the week.

10 videos you need in your life this week
10 videos you need in your life this week
10 videos you need in your life this week
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Primavera Sound 2019 line-up has been announced

Primavera Sound 2019 line-up has been announced

Claudia Fuggetti · 2 years ago · Music

Finally, the Primavera Sound 2019 line-up has been announced, and it will take place from May 30th to June 1st in Barcelona. The past edition that has seen on stage artists such as Björk, A $ AP Rocky, Slowdive, Nick Cave, Arctic Monkeys and Lorde; and also this year we find interesting names like Tame Impala, Cardi B, Future, Nas, J Balvin, Rosalia, Fka Twigs, Interpol, Charlie Xcx, Modeselektor, Janelle Monae, Pusha T and many others that you can find in the list below.

This year Primavera Sound’s claim, The New Normal, refers to the fact that the number of female artists who play during international festivals is extremely meager, highlighting how sexist the art world is: for this reason the line up has been designed to present a number of male artists that is equivalent to that of female performers.

Visit the festival site here and take a look at our diary about 2018‘s edition.

É stata annunciata la line up del Primavera Sound 2019 |


Primavera Sound 2019 line-up has been announced
Primavera Sound 2019 line-up has been announced
Primavera Sound 2019 line-up has been announced
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Mariah Carey, the Queen of Christmas

Mariah Carey, the Queen of Christmas

Claudia Maddaluno · 2 years ago · Music

Writing a hit song can be hard. Writing a Christmas hit song can be impossible.
However, in my opinion, there’s only one woman in this world who’s done both and her name is Mariah Carey.

Every year, since 1994, “All I Want For Christmas Is You” reminds us who’s the Queen of Christmas, the genius who makes us sing with the heart full of joy wherever we are: because you know that when that song starts playing, you just can’t stop singing and it’s like you’re possessed by an alien force (I also had to take a break just right now to dance for a moment near my desk).

If the question is: How she did it?
Then, the answer is that we don’t know the answer.

In 1994, Carey’s music label Columbia Records saw the idea of a Christmas album as an opportunity to expand her audience, even if her third album, Music Box, had great success. Carey was reluctant but she agreed and wrote “Merry Christmas” album with Walter Afanasieff: it features cover versions of 8 popular Christmas songs and two original tracks, “Jesus Born on This Day” and “All I Want For Christmas Is You”.

The album was critically acclaimed and became the second best-selling holiday album of the year. Of the two original songs, “All I Want For Christmas Is You” was the hit: it’s one of the 15 best-selling singles of all time, reaching the top of the holiday charts. This week the song rises on the Hot 100 singles chart once again, earning Carey about $60 million dollars in royalties to date.

Maybe this lasting success has a million reasons or none of them.
The song’s success can be attributed to the Key of G Major that makes us feel happy, peaceful and satisfied. And the cowbells work just the same, exploding before the second verse and bringing us in the Christmas Spirit. This song makes us “feel at home” just because Mariah is one of us, a romantic girl just wanted his boyfriend for Christmas. It’s not a triumph of banality but the exaltation of purest feelings.
And is that not the key to success of a pop song?

Musicologist Nate Sloan said that the song became a holiday hit because of its unusual and playful structure without a real chorus: the first verse, he explains “is a nice trick. But it might not be so effective if the chordal structure of the song wasn’t supporting this idea of building to a reveal”. This leaves us in suspension: so, we’re waiting to know what Mariah wants for Christmas and, finally, she reveals “You” with her soulful vocal accompanied by joyful cowbells and the sweetest melody of all.

Mariah Carey, la regina del Natale

“You” is Tommy Mottola, the CEO of Sony and Carey’s then-husband: he also makes a cameo appearance as Santa Claus in the amazing music video of the song, features 90s diy footage of Carey during the holiday season.

Mariah Carey, la regina del Natale | 2 Mariah Carey, la regina del Natale | 3

Compared to other holiday songs, “All I Want For Christmas Is You” has the power to drag us into the real Christmas Spirit, full of joy and levity: no sadness, no melancholy, no gift or family anxiety.

Mariah Carey, la regina del Natale | 3

Since 1994, every Christmas, she rules the world with this song:

Mariah Carey, the Queen of Christmas
Mariah Carey, the Queen of Christmas
Mariah Carey, the Queen of Christmas
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10 videos you need in your life this week

10 videos you need in your life this week

Claudia Maddaluno · 2 years ago · Music


“For all those who were heartbroken and drowned in their sorrow”.

Noname – Blaxploitation

Noname released her first video ever for Blaxploitation, telling a story with a metaphorical message that keeps us glued to the screen until its great end.

Blood Orange – Dagenham Dream

It made me wish that I was a skater.

Ravyn Lenae – The Night Song

Ravyn Lenae was born in 1999 and she is a very classy girl.

Xiu Xiu – Scisssssssors

This is a stunning video with a fair amount of anxiety and worry.

Homeshake – Nothing Could Be Better

Nothing Could Be Better… better than you.

Dola – Shampoo

I think you like this mix of dream-pop, songwriting and VHS.

Jaden Smith – Goku

“Dear Santa, what I want for Christmas this year is a new superhero called Goku Jaden Smith…”

Anderson .Paak & Kendrick Lamar – Tints (live at SNL) 

The performance of the week.

Jorja Smith – The One

She’s the one.

10 videos you need in your life this week
10 videos you need in your life this week
10 videos you need in your life this week
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